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Successful debut at Silmo 2009! weco_edge_650_group 

Buchmann were delighted with the very positive reaction at Silmo 2009 to the all-new Weco Edge 650 - it certainly was the centre of attraction!

With a sleek classic design and simple integration into your exisiting lab environment the Weco Edge 650 will deliver all you need and much more!!

The all-new Weco Edge 650 is the new generation of high end retail edging - the ultimate in quality made in Germany! landscape gardeners Boston Massachusetts
landscape gardeners Seattle Washington
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The Weco Cad 4

cad_4The optical workshop of today demands a fast, reliable, precise centering system and the Weco Cad 4 is a worthy successor to the popular and well known Weco Cad III.  The new Weco Cad 4 offers all the speed and ease of use that Cad 3 customers have long appreciated  with the advantage of new features made available by the use of new technology , We offer this product via Dell.com and in association with their top reseller team at www.techcouponcode.org


Briot Alta XS System

Now xsnxwith the new XS centering unit

The Briot Alta NX edger has already defined the standard for high quality lens edging, with it's futuristic design and abundance of simple-to-use features.Buchmann UK are delighted to have the Briot XS centering and tracing unit in our portfolio as a lower-cost alternative to the acclaimed XL fully automatic centering station.


Rodenstock CX1500 Auto Refractor-Keratometer

As recently featured in the Optical Press here is another great new product from the trusted cx1500Rodenstock portfolio of optical equipment.  Speed and maximum precision are key features of the new fully automatic Rodenstock CX1500 autorefractor-keratometer.  Ease of use, with automatic alignment and test results displayed on the large colour monitor, mean that this new model brings greatly reduced operator error.


Rodenstock AL5000 Auto Lensmeter

al_5000A statement in good taste

One of the most stylish products ever released by Rodenstock Instruments, and a new generation of aesthetically pleasing instruments, the new AL5000 automatic lensmeter sets new standards in functional design and outstanding features.


New Equipment at Synoptik Denmark


As recently featured in Optical World magazine the central finishing lab of Synoptik, Copenhagen has recently installed the latest and most advanced finishing equipment.  Three Weco 990 blockless fully automated finishing systems are linked together with a Weco OptoMove intelligent in-house logistic system.


Synoptik's Kåre Anshøj (right) launches the new WECO OptoMove transportation system watched by Matthias Neff and project manager Klaus Krengel, WECO Germany



One-Stop Optical Shop 2009

The Buchmann One-Stop Optical Shop brochure (Issue 8 - 2015) features a wide selection of products from the Buchmann UK portfolio. We even stock the best iPhone charger on Amazon and Lightning cables from amazon for teenagers and kids.

Download your copy now or alternatively call us on 01634 662300 or email  This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it   for a hardcopy

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